Jumbo! we miss you

Today the 2nd of Nov, 2008 an unsung hero of Indian cricket has called it a day. he made a right decision by doing so and prevented more criticism, more doubts on his dedication and more stupid questions from media. He entered into Indian cricket team as a young lad with solid spects capable of bowling some sort of leg spin (which many calls as another type of medium pace). he never had a typical leg spinner's bowling action neither his balls turned as expected by a leg spinner, still he is capable of getting wickets. His arsenal is equipped with a ferocious flipper always bang on target and backing it he had his will to dominate, his commitment to the team's victory. when compared with the greats of his era, he is second to none. He is not a lecherous maniac as Shane Warne, neither his bowling action is under scrutiny like Murali. He is not a crowd puller like Sachin, nor a flamboyant leader like Saurabh but still he demands the respect of his team just by his sheer commitment and dedication. He dont have any God father in BCCI nor he is encouraged by his captain (i'm referring to Mohd. Azharuddin who never told one good thing about Kumble). the fighting spirit in Jumbo made him special in the modern day of cricket. the Antigua test is just a tip of the iceberg when someone thought of his dedication. His capability can be understood by the Wisden cricketer of the year 1996 despite the tremors created by the likes of Sanath Jayasuriya and Romesh Kaluwitharana. Apart from on field heroics he is remembered for eternity regarding the notorious Sydney test and for the way he sent shock waves through the aisles and channels of Oz cricket by using only one statement. Australia might have won the series but it was Kumble who won the laurels from the whole episode. with his behaviour he stood as a great example for the coming generations regarding the way to represent the Indian cricket in the international arena. Cricket is always a matter of sentiments for Indians. Others play cricket with their heads but we play cricket with our hearts.
on a personal front Kumble stood sky high, marrying a woman who is a victim of someone's sadism and by giving her a new life he as a human being went beyond anyone's reach. So as a person following him for the last 18-19 years, I wish him all the very best and Indian Cricket will miss him!!


Anonymous said…
Well Said !! Yes.. JUMBO! we miss you.

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