Learnings from Mahabharath - 1 : Bhishma

Jai Guru Deva,

Mahabharath is one topic which I always wanted to write about. There are a lot of people who had deciphered the knowledge present in Mahabharath. Many conversation present in Mahabharath amazes me. In this series I am planning to write my learnings/obersavations from different characters and events in Mahabharath. This series does not contain anything from The Holy Bhagavat Gita. I am neither qualified nor competent to write about the Holy. I wish one day in my life I attain that maturity and calibre to write about it.
All the things that I am writing are out of my understanding from Mahabharath telecasted in DD way back in early 90s. The script and dialogues for that series is given by Bhandarkar Institute of Oriental Research Mumbai, so I think thats an authenticated story and characterization.

Grand-sire Bhishma:
He is one character which inspires me day in and day out. There are multiple reasons for my adoration to this character but the main reason is his commitment to his duty. History is not written by anybody's wealth or strength but by the unwavering commitment manifested by few individuals. Grand-sire Bhishma is one such individual. The story of Mahabharath is nothing more than his life story. His whole life is a struggle. It is not an over statement to say that nobody had struggled more in discharging one's duty than the Grand-sire; still his commitment to kingdom was not shaken. Even when he was down on bed of arrows he is committed to the welfare of Hastinapur. For the sake of his duty he had to ignore a lot of personal emotions and face consequences. He had fought a duel with Arjun who is the apple of his eye. what more can be more painful to take up arms on someone who was nurtured by yourself! I am convinced that we are living in a society where ethics are ridiculed; decency is strangled and principles are forgotten long back. In this unfortunate age,  stoic legacy of Bhishma is something which has tailor made lessons for each of us.

Another reason why I like that character is the ground to earth attitude. He had always referred himself as the "representative" of Hastinapur while in reality Hastinapur does not have any strength without him. While inviting Dronacharya to his kingdom, in the swayamvara of amba, ambika, ambalika and in many other instances he had always maintained himself as the employee of Hastinapur. I am a project manager by profession and I witness so many occasions where people fight like cats and dogs for grabbing limelight. Many a time the so called lime light is not even worth few thousand bucks. So if I see Grand-sire Bhishma with the same eyes as I see this people I find him on the highest pedestal of ethics and morality. Longlive Grand-sire! I am proud have been born on the same land as you are born! My respects

Ace actor Mukesh Khanna played this role to perfection and i thoroughly enjoy his dialogue delivery. He had won many laurels for his performance and later on went to make the superhit serial Shaktimaan.

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,


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