Learnings from Mahabharath - 2 : Arjuna

Jai Guru Deva,

Today I am writing about Arjuna, who is one of the greatest warriors of this country. Being the member of Kuru clan he had inherited a great legacy but he always referred himself as "Student of Drona". I for one, who is earning my livelihood only because of some great teachers who had blessed me with what I am today. I vividly remember some of the things my mentor VIMP sir told me and those conversations stand as guiding principles of my life. So it is only obvious that Arjuna's devotion towards Guru Drona appeals me more than any other feature of him. 

His passion towards archery and his determination to be the best archer of this planet is something not visible in any other characters of the great saga. The only other person comes to my mind with so much of passion towards a particular profession/art is Sachin Tendulkar. Thats why even after thousands of years of after mahabharath people still use Arjuna as an epitome of unwavering concentration. No wonder the Indian government named the annual sports awards as Arjuna awards. Like all great people of this planet, Arjuna also went through a lot of emotional pain. He ended up fighting with his own grand-sire whom he loves so much and he has to silently watch when his brother-in-law killed his beloved teacher. These two incidents talks volumes about the raja dharma and how tough it is to be a king. Arjuna's life tells a lesson that Raja Dharma is not about power and luxury but more about responsibility and sacrifice.

Two criticisms about Arjuna is that he was selfish and he made guru Drona to ask Ekalavya's right thumb and also he was jealous about Karna. Regarding Ekalavya's saga its primarily a decision of Drona and not Arjuna. Arjuna impressed Drona so much that he promised to make Arjuna the greatest archer. whats Arjuna's fault in this? It is only for the sake of variety stories that some of the telugu movies portrayed Arjuna as a villain and Ekalavya as a hero. In my opinion Ekalavya might be a hero but Arjuna is definitely not a villain. Similarly, Karna called Draupadi as a whore in the Kuru Raj Sabha and after that Arjuna have every right to hate Karna. 

Coming to the serial I am referring to, I dont know the name of the person who played the role of Arjuna. However, I liked his composed way to talking and his diction. I particularly liked his expressions during the conversation with Utara Kumar about slaves and what it takes to be a slave. Not just this conversation but he had displayed all emotions in a perfect manner.

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,


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