9/11 and after!!

'9/11' '9/11'
A term which has shown the world a new level of suffering,
A day which left the whole world with a feeling of insecurity,
An accomplished mission which defeated the humanity!
Its not the first time that humanity is defeated by a group of people or by s section. If people think that 9/11 is the result of some incidents happened in the past few decades they r seriously mistaken. Human beings tend to conveniently forget the root cause of the whole problem. And the real thing which is behind it is a ghastly episode in the history of human being. it is called the CRUSADES. It was a bloody era of human history. If at all I felt let down by reading some thing in the human history it is this. the first crusade started in 1095 A.D. and the maverick attitude of the two religions continued for another 350+ years!!! A war longing for 350 years!! yes it was. These wars left the a gap between the two religions which is yet to get bridged. Whatever ill feelings developed on both sides are carried till today!! why did Osama hate Christians? why did western society treats colored people as second grade humans? it was all because of this. it was all because of the propaganda done against other parties so as to motivate your own people. History will never forget the people who initiated this feeling. It might be the Calipha who ordered to demolish the Catholic churches in Jerusalem or the Pope who called for a war against the whole of Islam. Again, its just another scenario where people brought religion into politics as they carried their own axe to grind. In the annals of history wherever politics are mingled with religion or viceversa it lead to hatred, violence and sorrow. Had Prophet Mohammed or Jesus Christ seen this beastly behavior of their own followers they would have definitely lamented to see how their preachings are misinterpreted. 'Love your neighbour the way you love yourself' this is what Holy Bible teaches. Neighbour not only mean the one who stays in the house beside yours but also someone who is following a different path. As long as the spirit of these sayings are missed there is no point in humans calling themselves spiritual or religious. My brother Ashok was saying while commenting for my earlier post : Religion is for the soul. Yes, he said it just perfect. As long as we dont win over these mutual hatred we can expect much more '9/11' s.


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