Pakistan for you!!!

Right from my childhood I never had a positive feeling about Pakistan. It may be because of my parents long term association with organizations like RSS. and my father making me a 'swayamsevak' so that I would learn some discipline in my life. And I got exactly what my dad expected. you know, i was always my mom's kid but some times consider my dad also :)

well now the point of this blog is the video I watched in youtube. its just shocking!! and word shocking will not be sufficient to describe this. and i dont know any better word. may be 'horrendous' or 'grotesque' might fit.
P.S.: if at all you are a feminist please please prevent yourself from watching this video. this is a sincere request. Coz i have not known any feminist valuing my words. so making this specific request. its very disturbing and i dont want anyone to get disturbed by my blog.
here is the link


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