Introspection, Change etc etc..

" you are not as good as you think you are" - this is the remark which i received in one of the interviews for the SELP. and also a suggestion to introspect. well this kind of interviews is not new for me and they always helped me. Of course now its time i redefine myself. I live my life according to certain principles. Right now i'm shattered but not my principles. They cant be shattered, come what may!
and one of the principles that guide me is to stand for people who BELONG to me. As long as i'm alive I stand for them. sometimes this might back fire because people cant take suggestions which they dont like. but i will try my best to make them understand my point. sometimes this feature of me might cost me even the very relation for which i'm worried so much. but its fine. Coz that gives me the satisfaction of doing my duty. i think its my dharma being a well wisher of some one to tell that 'you are running into risk' and its perfectly fine if people think i've my own axe to grind. because not all can believe me the way i trust them! as long as myself is concerned the purpose of my life is defeated if i cant warn my friends that what they r doing might create a hell for themselves as well as for others. and simply dont want my friends to be so called problem creators. off late i was hurted me so much that only i know the pain i went through and i have no complaints about any one! every one have a different perspective about their life and its their wish how they live their life. and i cant complain but request not to repeat what happened to me. some people tend to break relations rather bury them which i can never do! for me my people are valuable however good or bad they are! but one little thing i expect from people is the trustworthiness which is a rare feature these days. but its fine even 99 of my friends make a fool out of me i still believe the 100th one. I ask questions straight on face and request answers the same way. but people have different ways of answering my questions which i cant understand. and i'm really sorry for this. i'm not that intelligent. After this interview all I want to say to all my friends is to please forgive me if I had any time hurt you, I always wanted the best to happen for you. may be sometimes i overact!

karthik love you all!


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