How Long should this go?

Find the Odd man out of the following?
1.Haridwar 2. Kanpur 3.Agra 4. Benaras
Many people know the answer of the above question. Lets go to another question:
Find the Odd man out of the following?
1. Mumbai 2. Hyderabad 3. Ahmadabad 4. Delhi
I'm sure its quite difficult to answer this question, because there is no odd man in this! all four places have everything in common. May it be being Indian cities, or having huge population, or having centers of development off late or places filled with people who lost their loved ones by the massacre done by some beasts on the name of the religion. This is the plight of my nation! People go on bombing as if they are very much used to it. The so called policy makers condemn the acts, the opposition claims its the fault of the govt., govt. says its all because of 'Gujarath' (i dont know how poor Gujarathis can be made responsible for this!)
Yet another blast, yet another condemn from the people, yet another eventful day for the media, Manmohan Singh will say no one can make us kneel down. Advani says its all because of not having POTA, Rajdeep Sardesai organises another meeting with some experts and discusses why is this all happening? how should muslims be treated? how to make a law to tackle terrorism. And all the discussion ends at a point of whether to have a local investigating team or a federal agency. But people in SIMI or LET or whatever damn bull shit will be preparing for another assault on the poor man who go out to make his bread and butter or on the newly married couple who go for a weekend shopping. Because they know these neither this eununch homeminister nor the laconic prime minister or the Italian super boss mean no harm to them. The end sufferers are the police who keep their life at stake and the common man who lives in a myth that the govt. will some day do something to save him. But none knows when that some day will come. and many have doubts that the so called some day might not come.
Since all these blasts are happening, I could feel(through blogs I follow, comments at various media forums etc) a clear wave in the society which is against the muslims, which does no good to the society. But if the situation continue to prevail the same way I'm really afraid Muslims in this country will have a tough time ahead.


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